Registered User Control Not found in Widget Section

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 10:31

Registered User Control Not found in Widget Section

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Posted by Community Admin on 22-Feb-2014 00:00

I have created 1 UC in my sitefinty project .Named "newsletter.ascx"  .I build project and Registered it in toolbox of Sitefinty .Find attached screen shot "uc_sitefinty.png". I am not able to see that UserControl in widget list . Please suggest what should i do

Posted by Community Admin on 24-Feb-2014 00:00

Hello Shailesh,

The toolbox you are using is the one available for the creation of email campaigns. You will be able to see your widget when you create an issue.

If you want the user to be visible in the page editor, you need to register it in the page controls toolboxes section. Please refer to our documentation for further reference.

Additionally, you can use Sitefinity Thunder to ease the process to several clicks. For more information click here.

Ivan D. Dimitrov

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Posted by Community Admin on 02-Mar-2017 00:00

I am experiencing a similar issue. We're using SiteFinity 9.1 and I'm having trouble getting a custom user control to show up in the toolbox. I followed the tutorials on this site. It's a basic Hello World control. I registered the control through the Admin and also using Thunder. It adds the info to the toolboxesconfig.config file as the following:

        <add enabled="True" name="My Widgets" title="My Widgets" description="My Widgets">
            <add enabled="True" type="~/CustomControls/HelloWorld/HelloWorld.ascx" title="HelloWorld" description="HelloWorld" visibilityMode="None" name="HelloWorld" />
I've even built the application and restarted SiteFinity and still my control doesn't appear.  Also, my new section does not appear in the toolbox.

What could be causing my widget from not appearing in the toolbox?



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