Submit button in Comments widget not localized

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 14:03

Submit button in Comments widget not localized

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Posted by Community Admin on 18-Mar-2014 00:00

Hast Text="Submit" instead of Text="<%$ Resources:Labels, Submit %>"

 BTW I would prefer the option to have different resources for submit buttons

 Kind of

- Submit form

- Submit comments 

- and so on.


 PS: This shold really be possible to fix for 7.0. At least add <%$ Resources:Labels, Submit %> 


Posted by Community Admin on 21-Mar-2014 00:00

Hello Markus,

Thank you for pointing this out!

Yes, indeed the label is not localized, I have logged a feature request for our team to introduce this as an out of the box label, you can check the logged request in our portal here:

In the meantime it is possible to add manually a new label under Interface labels&M<essages and use it in the widget template. The only thing you need to take into account is that the newly created label will not be found before you restart the application (as the resources are cached on system initialize). For your convenience I've recorded a short video showing how I've configured this on my end.

Boyan Barnev

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Posted by Community Admin on 21-Mar-2014 00:00

Dear Boyan

Thank's for the feedback.and extended help. I was under the impression that changing from 



Text="<%$ Resources:Labels, Submit %>"

Would be a good first step and should take less time then adding it to the feedback portal. Lets see what your team does till 7.0 comes out :-)


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