Can't edit content using IE11

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 15:41

Can't edit content using IE11

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Posted by Community Admin on 07-Apr-2014 00:00

I'm guessing the problem I have maybe related to this -, but I'm unable to edit any type of content in pages or templates when using IE11.  The tops of all content blocks look like the attached image ("Edit" is not displayed), which I've seen before and is usually caused by a Javascript error, but not here.

None of the suggested fixes mentioned in the above link work and the only way I can actually edit anything is by going into a page; pressing F12 for the IE Developer Tools; changing Document mode to 'Edge' and content blocks are then editable.  However, when I go back to the list of pages, I then have to switch document mode back to '8 (Default)' otherwise when I click on a page that I want to edit, I just get taken to the dashboard.  The website is v5.4 on a Windows Server 2008R2 machine.

 Any help would be much appreciated as this is driving me mad.

Posted by Community Admin on 15-Apr-2014 00:00

Hi Neil,

It is a really strange issue which I am not able to reproduce on my end. I made a test on a Sitefinity 6.3 project and I was able to edit the content in pages and page templates when using Sitefinity IE11. Please refer to the video I have recorded for your convenience in order to demonstrating it.

Can you please create a new page based on a built-in page template. Then please try to edit the page in IE11 and let me know if the issue will be reproduced. Can you please also inspect the browser's console and let me know if there are any errors there.

You may also open a support ticket and provide us with backend credentials in order to inspect the issue in more details.

Sabrie Nedzhip

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Posted by Community Admin on 15-Apr-2014 00:00

Usually when I see that the problem is a script error on the page...can you open your dev tools and console and see if there's an error?

Posted by Community Admin on 16-Apr-2014 00:00

Hi Sabrie,

This problem does seem a bit random.  Sometimes I can go in and edit pages fine, which are using the same template, and other times, more often than not, I get the problem I described.

When the problem does happen, one or both of the following script errors usually occur:

SCRIPT5007: Unable to set property 'control' of undefined or null reference
File: ScriptResource.axd, Line: 2713, Column: 13

SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'length' of undefined or null reference
File: ScriptResource.axd, Line: 857, Column: 1

However there are times when no script errors occur.  Also, most of options in the top left of the screen aren't displayed; I'm just left with 'More actions' and 'Back to Pages', neither of which work, which means I have to click the browser back button then unlock the page.

Anyway, I have created a new page as you suggested, although oddly there aren't any built-in templates to choose from in this project so I have had to select start from scratch.  I have gone into the page several times and I've been able to edit it every time without any problems.  Can you tell me where I can get/install the standard built-in templates so I can rule them out?

Many thanks,


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