Under construction and can't login

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 20:01

Under construction and can't login

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Posted by Community Admin on 08-Jul-2014 00:00

Have a site I've moved to another server. I've updated my hosts file to pretend it's on the same server for testing but I'm getting now a 'thank you' and 'please return' on the front end. And I can not login with my username and password. I had this a while ago but managed to work around/resolve it. Anyone know what this actually is caused by?

Posted by Community Admin on 08-Jul-2014 00:00

It's almost like the site forgot about itself. It can't find the root node (my hypothesis), and additionally isn't authenticating against the existing user list. 

Posted by Community Admin on 09-Jul-2014 00:00

Hello Richard,

If the site was working fine on one environment, but not on another, the issue most likely is somewhere in the environment setting.

The first thing I could suggest is to double check your environment configurations as described in our online documentation:

Please, check the permissions set to your App_Data folder (your app pool identity needs to have read/write permissions).

I could also advise you to check if you have some redirects, rewrite rules or any other customization in your web.config file which could potentially cause this behavior . In order to put this suspicion out of the equation, best is to backup your current web.config and replace it with a default one from an empty project, matching the version you are using. 

Another approach is to reset a user`s password as you could modify it in your database directly, but before doing this ensure you have a database backup.

Under table sf_users you can see all registered users. Here in my screenshot I have modified the user "admin" and set the new password to "password". Note that I have also deleted the "salt" column and set also the "password_format" to 0.

Last option that comes to my mind is that the user could be locked after several failed password attempts. You could try log with a different user to verify this is not the case.

Regards, Vassil Vassilev
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Posted by Community Admin on 09-Jul-2014 00:00

Tale of the db admin.... :S

He restored my db with no data..... double checked all the way from end to end led me to a 5mb db..... 

Point... don't do this at the end of the day. Thank you. 

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