Creating Responsive Group of Rules Always Hangs

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 03:36

Creating Responsive Group of Rules Always Hangs

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Posted by Community Admin on 13-Sep-2014 00:00

I'm running 6.1.4600 and every time I try to create a responsive group, it just hangs and eventually comes back with the page has become unresponsive dialogue.  The dialogue to enter the settings never comes up, so it's not when I go to save, it's when I try to get the entry screen to come up.

I have tried deactivating, uninstalling, reinstalling and even going into the system.config and removing the version statement and restarting the website and I get the exact same results.

Does anyone know where I should be looking to figure out what's happening or what a potential resolution might be?

Posted by Community Admin on 22-Sep-2014 00:00

Ok, found the resolution myself.  Looking at the network tab in Chrome, the step that was hanging was pulling back an enormous amount of data relatively.  We had a bunch of error log files that hadn't been cleaned up recently and Sitefinity was trying to list every one of them for choosing in the CSS file field on the Responsive Group Rules dialog.  

 You can see this when you right-click on that item and open it in another tab and scroll down some to see the file list being built.  

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