Edit, Publish, Save as Draft Disappeared after upgrade SiteF

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Edit, Publish, Save as Draft Disappeared after upgrade SiteFinity to v6.0 4210

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Posted by Community Admin on 10-Dec-2014 00:00

HI All,

After upgrade from SiteFinity v4.4.2117 to v6.0 4210 , when trying to edit any page form backend buttons Edit, Publish, Save as Draft Disappeared and all page hang i can't click any link , i debug and found below javascript error

 Uncaught TypeError: object is not a function

in the below line

/* END eServices.Web.Components.Scripts.ControlBehaviors.CommonToolbar.js */
/* START Telerik.Web.UI.TabStrip.RadTabStripScripts.js */

In the below file


Posted by Community Admin on 11-Dec-2014 00:00

Hi All,

i am stuck in this issue and i need to deploy my site in couple of dayes

Posted by Community Admin on 15-Dec-2014 00:00

Hi Anthony,

The most probable reason why you notice this behavior is due to usage of JQuery with a version different than Sitefinity's JQuery libraries. This causes a version conflict between our scripts and the scripts on your pages. You can see the version of our libraries in Administration->Settings->Advanced->Pages->ScriptManager->Script References.

There are two possible ways to handle this, One is the JQuiery noConflict method. Placed on a page with a simple JS widget or in your scripts in order to wrap the code it will resolve the differences in the library versions and will eliminate the issue. For more information on the topic click here.

The other method and in my opinion the more adequate one is described in this blog post. Basically it uses the page's PreRender event in order to determine if the page is in design mode or view mode and load the appropriate scripts from there. This way Telerik's scripts are the ones loaded in the backend and your scripts are loaded only in the frontend. The code snippet can also be placed in the page's template code behind file in order to assure the problem will not reproduce ever again.

There is a third alternative to this and it is most advisable - if you can please try to use JQuery libraries that are the same version as ours  - then this problem will not need to be dealt with.

I must emphasize that when applying the fixes mentioned above you need to clear the browser cache so that the scripts are loaded from the server not the cache. This is needed in order for the changes to take place.

Ivan D. Dimitrov

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Posted by Community Admin on 23-Dec-2014 00:00

i upgrade my jquery files to same version SF uses and it working fine now Thanks.

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