#ResourceNotFound# Control in Toolbox

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 16:26

#ResourceNotFound# Control in Toolbox

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Posted by Community Admin on 10-Jan-2015 00:00

When creating a custom control in Sitefinity Thunder, using the defaults provided by the template, and setting the widget registration manually I get a control with the name #ResourceNotFound#:Title:Description. 

 I did not register the widget localized, but it seems to still be looking for a localization resource. 

 I went through the widget creator and had it automatically register (which works), but unfortunately it does so without code so I can't see the difference.

​Here's the registration code for the self-installing widget.  May not be particularly helpful, but shows what I'm doing:


                                .SetTitle("A test widget")


Any ideas where this #ResourceNotFound# is coming from?


Posted by Community Admin on 11-Jan-2015 00:00

The main issue was that the widget was not being uninstalled, since there was self-registration code.  I had to remove it from the toolbox config as well as back the entire module out, then add the reference to SitefinityWebApp again for it to truly reset.  

 It would still be helpful to understand more about localization, any better references would be appreciated.  Otherwise, I'll dig in to docs at some point...

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