Issue in publishing pages

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 21:43

Issue in publishing pages

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Posted by Community Admin on 24-Mar-2015 00:00

    We'd like to create a Sitefinify V7.1 testing environment
for internal use; Following are our detailed version information.

Build version 7.1.5213.0

Product Version 7.1.5200.0

     We’re using a duplicate of our Production Server data to
perform this.  Our previous version of Sitefinity did not exhibit the same
troubles we’re now experiencing.

    The single most critical issue is that regardless of what we
do, we are unable to publish any pages.  Our production server exhibited
this issue however a hotfix was applied that resolved this, although with the
same hotfix applied we’re still unable to publish.

    After taking a look at thed Sitefinity forum we’ve tried
these possible solutions. Here are our steps in trying to publish pages we

1. We set up a new site based on a separate .NET 4.0
integrated application pool.

The new site has following binding parameters:

Host name: <Computer name>

IP address: <Internal IP address>

Port: 80

2. Login to Sitefinity dashboard.

We set the
"ServicesPaths" under
"Administration"->"Settings" to "http://<Computer name>"

3. We clicked to "Pages" on dashboard. We created
a new page and gave the page name "test". Then, we clicked
"Create and go to add content" button.

4. We are on the page with url "http://<Computer

We noticed that on the left top of
this page "Publish" and "Save" buttons were missing.

Now, this newly created page can
neither be saved nor published. It only exists as a draft in page list.

5. We changed our IIS hose name to "localhost" and
"ServicesPaths" to "http://localhost".

Rebooted the machine and loaded the
page "localhost/.../Edit".
The "Publish" and "Save" buttons were still missing.

6. We redid step 5 by changing hose name to
"<Internal IP address>" and "ServicesPaths" to "http://<Internal IP address>".
The two buttons were still missing.

Any solutions to help us out at this moment? Please shed
some light on it.

Thank you.

Posted by Community Admin on 27-Mar-2015 00:00

Hi Kevin,

This case was already replied in a support ticket you guys submitted (#919611)

Junior Dominguez

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