Sitefinity 8.0 problems with Chrome

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 17:28

Sitefinity 8.0 problems with Chrome

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Posted by Community Admin on 09-Apr-2015 00:00

I am in the process of evaluating the latest version of Sitefinity for a new project.  Did the base install and then I used Thunder to install a new blank template/theme.

 The first thing that I noticed when I logged into the Sitefinity back-end is that the menu system was broken.  The little down arrows where not showing up and I couldn't get the sub menus to show up.  I go it to work after I went to the Pages screen.  At that point the rest of the menu started working.

 The next thing I did was to try out the new template/theme that I had installed using Thunder.  I set up a new template and then when I navigated to it I noticed that the page was broken.  None of the content placeholders showed up.  Again all the links on the page were non-responsive.  The only way I could get off that page was to reenter the url.

 At this point I was not sure what was going on.  On a hunch I switched to using the Firefox browser.  Lo and behold the site started working correctly.


So what is the path forward?  Uninstall and go back to version 7.3?  Is this a known issue?  Patch?



Posted by Community Admin on 09-Apr-2015 00:00

Can you maybe try a chrome incognito window with all extensions shut off or make sure you're not zoomed in or something?

I have 4 sites on 8 right now, none have any browser issues

Posted by Community Admin on 09-Apr-2015 00:00

That is an interesting idea that I will try to look into.

 I do have the following (non standard) extensions:

AngularJS Batarang

Cisco WebEx Extentension

Flash Control


If one of these is causing an issue it would still be concerning as it would point to a point of fragility with version 8.0.  You can certainly count on users of your site having all sorts of extensions.

Posted by Community Admin on 09-Apr-2015 00:00

Another thing is to open up your network\console tabs and see if you get script errors, OR (more likely) some of the scripts are not coming down, maybe hanging.  We had this issue in chrome about a year ago, but it went away when we switched to a new server, never gave it much thought.  What always used to fix it was just hitting reload on the page...hmm

Posted by Community Admin on 09-Apr-2015 00:00

Thanks for the input Steve.


The source of the issue turns out to be:

 var module = angular.module('kendo.directives', []),
        $injector = angular.injector(['ng']),
        $parse = $injector.get('$parse'),
        $timeout = $injector.get('$timeout'),
        $log = $injector.get('$log');


When I disable AngularJs Batarang the problem goes away.  I am going to do more research into this because I don't yet understand why the problem started now.  I have had AngularJs Batarang installed for a long while now.

BTW the problem is not limited to 8.0 it was just a happy coincidence that it started when I upgraded.  The problem is happening in 7.3 as well.

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