Need Help -> SiteFinity 8.0: Thunder- Create Custom Modul

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Need Help -> SiteFinity 8.0: Thunder- Create Custom Module Issue

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I am currently undergoing the process of upgrading our SiteFinity 3.7 to 8.0. One of the biggest hurdles I have been experiencing is with custom modules.

We want to migrate our custom module from 3.7 called "Jobs". Jobs is a content type that holds the public career postings for our company which we display on our company website.
We have already upgraded SiteFinity 3.7 SITE to 8.0; so the "Jobs" SQL table was properly migrated to the new 8.0 database instance. The Visual Studio WebApp complies SUCCESSFULLY and our FRONT END (Page Widgets) displays the data from the migrated table properly.

THE ISSUE: We need to REBUILD the "Jobs" content type for the SiteFinity BACKEND so we can maintain our job postings using the SiteFinity BackEnd UI. So, from my understanding, the best way to do this is with SiteFinity Thunder to create a "Custom Module" and CHANGE the table reference to our existing table.
Below is a link to a Telerik YouTube video for "Sitefinity custom module creation with Thunder":

Following this video tutorial example (step-by-step); we were UNABLE to create the "Custom Module", here is where the exact errors occurs when attempting to COMPILE the new "Custom Module Project" in Visual Studio:

1) Installed NuGet for Visual Studio 2010
2) Installed Thunder for Visual Studio 2010
3) Right+Click on the SOLUTION and [Add>New Project]
4) Select under [Visual C# > SiteFinity > SiteFinity Custom Module] (gave project name as "Employees" like in the video tutorial)
5) Followed the wizard and selected:
EntityFramework - Data Provider
WebForms - Master-Detail Backend View Type
Checked - Enabled  NuGet Package Restore
6) We created the SAME entity columns as in the YouTube Tutorial
7) Resolved/Installed any missing references in the new project
8) Opened [Tools > Nuget Package Manager > Package Manager Console]
9) Selected the default project for "Employees"
10) Executed the following command: Enable-Migrations -EnableAutomaticMigrations


We get THIS error: The project 'SitefinityWebApp' failed to build.

I attached to this ticket a screen capture of the error details (VSErrors.PNG), basically, this command will not execute due to the project failing to compile. To note this again (We can compile the entire solution successfully BEFORE adding the Thunder Custom Module Project). So we are sure that it’s not a "Code" error but rather an error with our "Environment/References".

We are unsure of what we need to Add/Install/Configure to get this to work and looking for some guidance to successfully use Thunder to create the custom module.

Just in case - Our Environment:
Windows 7
Visual Studio 2010 Premium 10.0.3019.1
SQL Server 2008 R2
IIS - Windows 7 Enterprise (Version 6.1 Build 7601: SP 1)


Posted by Community Admin on 10-Aug-2015 00:00

Issue was resolved!

 Installing Visual Studio 2013 allowed the project to compile properly.

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