Internet Explorer issue opening Dynamic Content items in the

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 12:14

Internet Explorer issue opening Dynamic Content items in the backend

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Posted by Community Admin on 02-Feb-2016 00:00

I am using Sitefinity 8.0 and  experiencing  a strange issue affecting Internet Explorer.

Under certain conditions, the page hangs (just showing the loading gif) when clicking on a content item to edit.  

The developer console gives the error "SCRIPT70: Permission denied" for the file "My-Events-My-Event-dashboard, Line: 2080, Column: 36". The line referenced does not exist if I click on it to view the error location.

- It only happens for one dynamic content type

- It only happens when I access one item, navigate back to the content list, and then access a second item

- It only happens for some existing items - if I create a new item, I do not see this problem

What could be causing this?


Posted by Community Admin on 05-Feb-2016 00:00

Hi Oliver,

The issue seems related to that discussion.

You can open a support ticket in order to inspect your project more detailed. Alternatively as this is not happen for the new Items, you can try to recreate the existing ones manually or using the API depending on the Items number you have.

Svetoslav Manchev

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