Page is loading too slowly and cpu getting maximum

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 08:46

Page is loading too slowly and cpu getting maximum

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Posted by Community Admin on 11-Jul-2016 00:00

Firstly we need urgent attention.

We published our governmental web site to internet today.  But the problems are occuring and we cannot overcome. We are using Sitefinity 8.2

Our homepage is loading too slowly on first open (not the initialize page, on every trial in 2-3 minutes). I have set the cache to long duration on the home page properties but nothing changed. It seems the page is rebuilded from the begininng at every call. Once entered when refreshing that time it is fast ok but after 2-3 minutes again it is very slowly opening.

Moreover, the cpu is after some time, getting up to maximum value and at that time the page is not served, saying request time out. I have to restart the IIS and after some time this happens again. We have 16 cpu all is working for this site.

We have so VPI clients who are on the head team of government. We have no time to research on this subject. Just have to solve this slowness. I can give you the url of the site if possibly you can direct me on a private way.


Best Regards.

Posted by Community Admin on 13-Jul-2016 00:00

CPU activity is sometimes getting higher levels sometimes getting lower. This is admissible for now.

However the slowness is not bearable. Our clients greatly complainig about this issue. I am waiting for your help. Please attach importance to this problem. 

I am sending the developer tools screenshot, 46 seconds waiting time! for the initial html page. There is also seen the url of our site you can examine.


Posted by Community Admin on 13-Jul-2016 00:00

Hi Erhan,

Without seeing your setup its stabbing in the dark but I'd go through the following steps:

1. Checked your IIS application pool settings in terms of time-outs, limits and recycle settings?
2. Check your db connection string settings that the server settings are correct.
3. Check your web.config settings to ensure everything is running in a release mode etc.
4. Optimize the loading of components (20 external resources in the <head> section alone) with a total of 179 items with a total weight of 6.2Mb.
5. You also have headers set on either IIS Machine or IIS site level that explicitly deny caching which you should update.

If the above don't solve your issues, you can always use the server monitoring tools as well as do a profiling session from VisualStudio to check for code bottle-necks.

I know it's too generic tips, but without further details it's hard to guess but feel free to shoot me an email at jochem.bokkers [at]


Posted by Community Admin on 19-Jul-2016 00:00

Hi Jochem,

Thank you very much for your reply. I have sent you an e-mail regarding the issue in detail.

Best regards.

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