Content Block Glitching

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Content Block Glitching

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Posted by Community Admin on 22-Jul-2016 00:00


I am very new to Sitefinity and not yet trained in html. I've been editing content through the CMS as I can by copying and pasting premade bits of code from other parts of the website within content widgets with relatively few problems.

Recently I was trying to copy a table format. I pasted the first section of code for the table without closing the table, </tb></tr></tbody></table> were not included in the code. After that, I saved the content in order to return to a previous page and view copied code. When I returned, the page was loading continuously and widgets appeared within the edited page. In addition, the format was completely messed up, with random floating text.

Now the page is frozen and will not let me edit anything or revert to previous versions. How can I fix this glitch without loosing the page and all of my code?

I've included a screen shot of the glitching page.


Posted by Community Admin on 22-Jul-2016 00:00

Hi Maria. It is well know bug in Sitefinity, when you forgot to close <tr> or <td>

And fix is very easy, you need to go to revision history and revert page back to previous version

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