URGENT - Forms Module

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URGENT - Forms Module

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Posted by Community Admin on 11-Aug-2016 00:00

It seems the marketing manager was editing a form:

"I made the following changes to the Content Submission form (I think this is the name of it but I can’t get in to confirm):

·         Removed a few questions and fields
·         Added a couple of questions
·         Added a file upload field
·         Renamed the form

I think that is it. The file upload field has given us trouble in the past, so I suspect that might be causing the problem. However, I can’t get into the forms module in Sitefinity to undo this change. In addition to breaking forms across the website, the change has locked me out of the forms module. I get this error message when I try to click into the Forms module:

See attached file - Message from webpage"


I got this error to go away but the pages that contain forms give this error:

See attached file - Server Error in Application

The Forms Page to add/edit forms is totally blank and looks like:

See attached file - Blank Form Prod

Is it possible to reinstall the Forms module from our dev environment? Even to do a clean install of the Forms Module would be good if I could find the module to install it. For now I have removed the links to the broken pages and disabled the Forms module to prevent more errors from being displayed while a user is browsing the site.

I am new to this company and as stated by the Marketing Manager, this has happened before but unfortunately the previous developer left no documentation on how to fix this issue.

The forms that have been disabled have a deadline of being completed by Friday, August 12th so there is only a little bit of pressure to get this issue fixed. I am not sure where to start or what to do. If anyone can provide any assistance whatsoever, it would be greatly appreciated.


Posted by Community Admin on 11-Aug-2016 00:00

I apologize as I forgot to add the verison which is 6.0.

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