SiteSync Target Server Site Key changes unexpectedly

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 14:32

SiteSync Target Server Site Key changes unexpectedly

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Posted by Community Admin on 23-Aug-2016 00:00

We have 2 websites set up - one on staging and production. We have set up site sync between 2 servers from staging to production and everything is working fine. 

Problem appears sometimes when Site Key on target server resets to 1 (original value is 2) and users are not able to sync between staging and production. Site Key on staging server is set to 1 and production server is 2 but Site Key changes to 1 unexpectedly on production server and we need to change this manually to 2 to get Site Sync to work.

I see entry in trace.log file every time Site key is changed to 2, but I do not see entry for change to 1, so I am not sure what is causing that change. Also, as per what I understand Site Key is saved in DataConfig.config file but even when on admin screen site key shows as 1, it is still 2 in DataConfig,config file which makes me believe that it is being changed in memory somehow and creates the problem.

We are not using load balanced environment at the moment and Website config is saved in files (not in database).

I opened support ticket with telerik on this and they are still checking what may cause this. Until I have any feedback from support, I would like to see if anybody else had/have this problem and solution to this.

If you have any questions about the environment/need any additional information, please let me know.

Thanks in advance

Posted by Community Admin on 18-Sep-2016 00:00

We are having the same problem as well.

We setup a production (target) and stating (source) environment. The site key was set to 20 in production, and also appears to be saved in the DataConfig.config file in production.

When SiteSync was setup originally, everything was working properly. However, we tested sitesync again a day or two later and found that the value has been reset to 0 on the production (target) server.

At this point, we don't know what to do about this. If we change the value back to 20, it works, but after another day or so it changes back.

We decided to resync the production and staging servers (database and config files found in app_data\sitefinity\configuration except data and system configs) and sitesync was working again. Another day or two later, same problem: unable to sync from staging to production unless we go back to production and change the site sync key from 0 to 20 again.

What gives?

Posted by Community Admin on 19-Sep-2016 00:00

Hi Chris,

Thanks for replying. We are still clueless to why this key is getting reset. There is no apparent reason for it to reset. I have ticket open with Sitefinity support and they have suggested to deploy both websites in fresh environment and see if we are able to reproduce the behavior. Unfortunately if we deploy the solution and do not observe site key reset, we can't tell if it is because of the environment or some other behavior in live website that's causing the problem.

If you happen to know the problem in future or find any solution, please let us know. I will do the same and post our findings here.



Posted by Community Admin on 20-Sep-2016 00:00

Could this be a scenario where sitesync.config is getting overwritten on deployment?

Posted by Community Admin on 20-Sep-2016 00:00

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your comments. I don't think sitesync.config is overwritten in this case - at least in our deployment. 

Also, site key is saved in DataConfig.config file which remains unchanged even if site key got reset in admin UI. So I believe Site Key is changed in memory or saved somewhere else and breaks connection when gets reset.

In our case, we upgraded Sitefinity and went from Single Site to multisite instance last year. It was working fine in old servers but started creating problem when we deployed our websites in new environment.


Posted by Community Admin on 01-Sep-2017 00:00

Hi Atit,

We had the same issue, we just added new environment that consists of two load balanced front-end servers and SQL cluster, I set the new environment to Site ID "55" and was able to run Sitesync with no issues but next day my developer told me that he is getting an error "Destination server is not configured correctly as a sync target..." when I checked the configuration I noticed the site ID has changed back to "1"

I changed it back to 55 and was able to run SiteSync.

I decided to compare Data.config on both front end servers and noticed that one of the data.config files had Site ID set to 55 while the other was set to "1", I think that is how the configs changed back to 1.

I updated the second data.config file manually by changing the value to 55, to mach the first one, and will monitor it for a few days.

Posted by Community Admin on 02-Sep-2017 00:00

Hi Ilya, good luck with testing. We experienced similar problem and data config would update sometime and sometime not.




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