Editor Images not displaying

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 16:50

Editor Images not displaying

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Posted by Community Admin on 08-Sep-2016 00:00

When editing a page, and selecting Edit on a content block, the editor icons are not loading (ContentBlock_Edit.png).  When right clicking and going to an image to edit it, the icons are no loading there either (ImageEdit.png).

This is the same in IE, Chrome, and FireFox.

I have tried lowering the FrontendResourcesCacheDuration ( www.sitefinity.com/.../editor-buttons-missing-in-ie ) and flushing the local browser cache and restarting the site in IIS.

I'm not sure what else to try.  I don't see any image sprite gif/jpg/png in the directory, and when I look in Fiddler, or any of the IE/FF/Chrome browser tools (FireFoxes built in or FireBug), everything comes back as a 200 or a 304.  I'm not seeing any 404 resources.

Are there any hints as to what I should look at next, or how to trouble shoot this?

This is version 7.3 if it makes a difference.  Thanks!

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