How to correctly choose the floor

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How to correctly choose the floor

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How to correctly choose the floor
<p>Real wood floor is lumber spell, after processing of plate, with warm soft, natural, sound insulation, the foot feels good, etc. So, real wood floor is how to choose? The ground condition of the bedroom should consider when select material, for example bungalow or building ground floor, because the direct contact with the ground, humidity is big, should choose Chinese catalpa wood, Korean pine, white pine <a href="">timber effect wall cladding</a>, after the three wood be affected with damp be affected with damp is out of shape not easily. </p>
<p>Solid mu fu joins a floor board base material is solid wood chinaren, so in addition to formaldehyde release a quantity, other analogous to the choice of real wood <a href="">white trellis wall panels for sale in sydney</a>. Formaldehyde release a quantity to our country national standard regulation, not more than 1.5 mg/L are in line with national standards.</p>
<p>Can ask the operator for testing data, also can open the bags packing, take out the floor, near the <a href="">price composite decks price in germany</a>, his nose smell the smell, if smell a strong pungent formaldehyde, exceeds the standard of formaldehyde concentration in the air. </p>

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