Sitefinity Map Generator Problem

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 19:32

Sitefinity Map Generator Problem

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Posted by Community Admin on 11-May-2017 00:00

Hi, i have a problem trying to use the sitemap generator module with sitefinity version 9.1 . When i enter to the "Administration - Sitemap" optioni get the following error: Error getting sitemap generator settings. 

The sitemap module is currently active, and there is no error logged in the /app_data/sitefinity/logs folder. 

Any suggestion about the problem?.


Thanks in advance



Posted by Community Admin on 14-May-2017 00:00

Hi Nelson, 

Can you please try to

1) Check if IIS Application pool user has permissions to all configuration files under /app_data/sitefinity/configurations folder

2) Reinstall Sitemap Generator module

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