Custom Module, Multisite, and Dataprovider issues

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 21:56

Custom Module, Multisite, and Dataprovider issues

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Posted by Community Admin on 17-May-2017 00:00

Hi everyone,

I have a really bizarre issue going on here. Basically I did a single site to a multisite migration procedure which messed up my dataproviders it seems. Particularly for custom modules, I have a sort of rotator banner module and now it only works on one of the sites under the multisite. 

The original issue I was having was getting an error for the related media field and I followed the solution from previous threads which resolved the related media field error, so now I can actually link my banner slides to images through related fields, but on the actual published page I just get a src(unknown). I'm really stuck at this point, I've checked to make sure DynamicModulesConfig.config has relatedmediaProvider set to sf-site-default-provider but for some reason the module is only resolving the image URLs on one of the multisites (the default/home one) and not any of the other sites.

Any one got any tips or can help me through this? Sorry if the problem description is confusing, I'm not sure what information is relevant to include.

Thank you.

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