Redirect pages and Google Analytics

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Redirect pages and Google Analytics

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Posted by Community Admin on 25-May-2017 00:00

We have some pages that we set up that just redirect users to other pages on our site. We use this so we can use short "vanity" urls in print ads. For example: redirects you to

Our problem is Google Analytics just tracks the end point url, not the vanity one, so there's no way to see how many people hitting the target page do so via the vanity url and how many land on it via other means. The same problem exists if we use Additional URLs on the target page instead of a redirect. We've tried appending a query string on to the redirect, but haven't been successful (especially keeping in mind that we want to keep the existing query string since it can contain Google campaign tracking codes if we use the short url for click-thru as well).

Does anyone have suggestions on how to track hits to these short urls?

(Does this make any sense?)

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