License activation issue

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 06:53

License activation issue

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Posted by Community Admin on 07-Aug-2017 00:00

Since a few days/weeks working Sitefinity sites are broken, because of a bug in Sitefinty.

I know, that the bug has been fixed, but only back to version 7.0 of Sitefinity.

However, there are certainly many sites out there running Sitefinity 6.x or older, which are perfectly fine and certainly don't need any update to a newer version.

I ask the Sitefinity and Telerik support to either fix the bug also in older versions, and/or to point out new workarounds, like adding required .NET Framework DLLs directly to the Sitefinity BIN directory or version redirects. Or at least point out which .NET Framework DLL/module caused the problem in which Sitefinity DLL/module.

Once Telerik had outstanding support and they stood to their "Deliver more than expected" slogan.  Not only has this slogan vanished since Progress took over, but support is declining.

Can please anyone at Telerik tell us what the offical "statement" is? What are customers to do that have bought a license and are now stranded?




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