Load balancing issues with Azure App Services

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Load balancing issues with Azure App Services

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Posted by Community Admin on 18-Sep-2017 00:00


We're having some issues with Sitefinity (the latest available version at this time) when configured with load-balancing and hosted on Azure App Services. I've read all topics in knowledge-base regarding the load-balancing and also running the project on App Services but it still doesn't answer all my concerns.


Current config: 

 - App Service with 2 instances (S3 tier, scale-out option)

 - Azure SQL (S1 tier)

 - Azure Redis (C0 tier)

 - Azure Storage


First of all, the main problem is with the fact that the data is somehow not synchronized - what I mean is that from the backend side it looks like it's saved and ok, then on the frontend the updated data is visible but after some time (can't tell the exact timing) it seems like the data is overwritten (returns) to the old one before the edit.

The only thing configured in SF regarding load-balancing is the redis connection string. Looking into the redis utilization it seems like it's used lightly.

As everything is running on App Service that is scaled-out there is no real direct access to the other server nodes (or we don't know how to access them this way). So essentially we have no control over the load-balancing mechanism in this scenario.


The other issue is with frequent SF initializations, mainly happening after heavy page editing. Can this be addressed somehow? Would changing the value of "NumRecompilesBeforeAppRestart" in web.config help mitigate the problem?

Are there any "hidden" settings that can be set to improve the user-end experience with SF running in load-balancing? The official documentation is somehow lacking in informations.

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