Issue when navigating to Permissions Backend Page

Posted by dfallas on 15-Jul-2019 16:08

Hi All,

I am currently working on a site (Sitefinity 11.1) that will go live very soon and while testing I noted that whenever I navigated to Permissions Backend Page this error was being displayed:


The services that Sitefinity uses to request Permissions information are returning error 500:

This error occurs only when I go to this page. I was investigating about this issue and it seems like it has to do with a aspnet setting called "RequestQueueLimitPerSession" and the solution was to add a line in the config file but I was wondering if anyone else have had this issue and how did you fix it? Or maybe is there a configuration in Sitefinity that I am missing to avoid this from happening? Or perhaps could this be an issue with Sitefinity for doing so many requests while loading this page?

Any help would be appreciated


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Posted by jread on 16-Jul-2019 17:17

I would suggest you open a support ticket to get the fastest most robust help.

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