Where to extend default search behavior for BackendListView

Posted by Stacey Schlenker on 16-May-2019 15:00

Adding to the SearchFields or ExtendedSearchFields for a backendlistview for a given dynamic module does not appear to be used with the new UI.  When inspecting the XHR results for what happens when using the search at the top of the screen I see that it only ever attempts a search by the main identifier of the module which is named ProjectName.  Ex: $filter:((startswith(ProjectName, 'Company Name') or contains(ProjectName, ' Company Name')))

I am looking for a way to add the ability for a user to search the dynamic module items by a related data field.  I thought perhaps I might need to look into the AdminApp extension SDK, but from what I can tell search is not part of that API, only columns for grid?

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Posted by ilchev on 17-May-2019 08:57

Hi Stacey,

this is awesome feature request for OData services can you log it in our feedback portal (feedback.telerik.com/.../153), so more people can vote for it. This way you can help us put it faster in the roadmap if there is a huge demand for that!


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