Module Builder Question

Posted by Community Admin on 05-Aug-2018 17:33

Module Builder Question

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Posted by Community Admin on 18-Oct-2012 00:00

I'm sure this is an easy one, but, I have built a module that I want to be able to link to an external page, or an internal page within Sitefinity. I am able to create the external link option (simple text field with a regex), but I'm not sure how to link to internal pages.  Any suggestion?


Posted by Community Admin on 19-Oct-2012 00:00


I was able to do it like this...

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Posted by Community Admin on 26-Oct-2012 00:00

I've seen this and a couple similar, but i have a question. This looks like the code behind on a widget, how can you get to this? I seem to be confused on how to do this.

Posted by Community Admin on 27-Oct-2012 00:00

From the post: "After creating a dynamic module via Module Builder, a DynamicModulesConfig.config should get generated in the App_Data/Sitefinity/Configurations folder. This should create the views for your dynamic module. There should be 4x views, a BackendList, an BackendInsertView, a BackendPreviewView and a BackendEditView. What I did was to change the view/sections/../field element for an existing TextField."

Posted by Community Admin on 31-Oct-2012 00:00

ah, yes. Took me a bit to actually find the right spots. When I asked the question I was actually talking about the other post for the code behind. But this method does work for a single page selection. Do you know if it is possible to allow the user to choose between this method or a static text? Allowing an internal site or external link?

Posted by Community Admin on 07-Nov-2012 00:00

Exchange did you figure out how to do this? This is what I also need. Or does anyone else have a solution that would work?


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