Overriding all RadControl Styling globally.

Posted by Community Admin on 05-Aug-2018 15:55

Overriding all RadControl Styling globally.

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Posted by Community Admin on 19-Nov-2012 00:00

Hello there,
Im in the process of upgrading our version of Sitefinity from 3.7 to 5.2, and have decided to rebuild a lot of things from scratch to make it easier on us in the future for upgrades. As such, we are looking to turn off Sitefinitys out of the box css file on our custom master pages that we create. Is there a clean way to do this without overriding the widget controls, or a messy !important's throughout the css file? Is it as simple as adding a sitefinity reset css file at the end of the load order xml file to override it (As an aside, we would prefer to not do this, as its not very clean code). Any examples would be greatly appreciated as well. 


Posted by Community Admin on 20-Nov-2012 00:00

Hello Nick,

 Thanks for using Sitefinity.

Take a look at this forum post which posits the same question and is thoroughly answered by some of our MVPs.

I'm confident it will answer your questions about resetting the styles but if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Patrick Dunn
the Telerik team
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