Custom module Admin-View RadGrid skin issue

Posted by Community Admin on 05-Aug-2018 20:59

Custom module Admin-View RadGrid skin issue

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Posted by Community Admin on 03-Sep-2015 00:00

Hello, I am designing a testimonial module for our sales website and followed the tutorial here: to the letter as a basis for comparison. Before I started on my own, however, I noticed right away that these do not appear anything like the built-in sitefinity Admin-View's , even ones that are designed -entirely- from inside the administrative backend. I tried to inspect deeper and it appears there is nothing different from either RadGrid, both use EmbeddedSkins, both use "Default" as the skin choice, but the built in one appears as the standard Sitefinity skin, the other one appears as the default Ajax skin. Is there some other option required when you develop the module in, say, Visual Studio as opposed to developing it inside Sitefinity? Please see the attached images for clarification.

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