Radgrid columns and NestedViewTemplate

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Radgrid columns and NestedViewTemplate

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Posted by Community Admin on 09-Jun-2016 00:00


I am new in Sitefinity and ASP.NET technologies... 

I have 2 issues that I am trying to resolve:

I have a radgrid with 5 columns.

1. The last column of my grid is a GridColumnGroup containing 3 sub-columns corresponding to 3 actions. I would like to display the header for this GridColumnGroup but not displaying the headers for these 3 sub-columns (for now the 3 sub-columns have an empty header each but I would not want to see at all these headers space (removing the header spaces and not having this row for the 3 sub-columns headers).. Is it possible?


2. My second issue is to elaborate a NestedViewTemplate as here:


I first tried to display (in C#) at least a simple text linked to the first row as follow but this is not working. I am a little bit lost with how to do that programmatically?

ApplicationsGrid.MasterTableView.Items[0].ChildItem.NestedTableViews[0].DataSource = "test expand";


Thank you for your help.


Posted by Community Admin on 14-Jun-2016 00:00

Hi Sophie,

I would recommend you to open a new thread/s in the respective section here, related to the controls you are interested in:

Svetoslav Manchev

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Posted by Community Admin on 14-Jun-2016 00:00

Thanks for the advise. It's done.


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