Bug: Using Owner permission

Posted by Community Admin on 05-Aug-2018 01:45

Bug: Using Owner permission

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Posted by Community Admin on 21-Mar-2013 00:00

I have set permissions on individual content types within a module created by the module builder.

For the sake of giving an example, the top two levels in my hierarchy:

  • (Level 1) School : View permission granted to Teacher role.
  • (Level 2) Teacher: View/Modify permissions granted to Owner role (from AppRoles).
When logged in to the back-end as a teacher, I can view all the Schools -- good. When clicking on the school in which I am a teacher (meaning a content item has been created that I am the owner of), I get the error: This type of page is not served.

The expected behavior is that the list of teachers is filtered to only include those which are owned by the logged in user.

To prove that the logged in user is the owner, I use an administrator account to change the View permission of the Teacher content type to the Teachers role. Upon retrying with the teacher user, I can click on a School, and see all Teachers. If I choose the My Teachers filter from the sidebar, the one matching content item is shown.

Am I understanding permissions correctly?


Posted by Community Admin on 21-Mar-2013 00:00

Similarly, if I assign Owner permission to Create, I am unable to create a content item.

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