Module Builder - Filter by Custom Field

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Module Builder - Filter by Custom Field

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Posted by Community Admin on 22-May-2013 00:00

I have created a related field using the "array of id's" and the dynamic content select custom field created by Thunder. I want the ability to filter the backend list view by the values in that custom field just like fields that are bound to categories (in the sidebar section). 

How can I achieve this? Please send a code sample. Thanks!

Posted by Community Admin on 27-May-2013 00:00

Hello Adam,

 The way to do this would be with a custom command widget in the sidebar. Here's a blogpost by Stoimen Stoimenov that shows how to implement the same functionality ApprovalWorkflow state:
The only thing different for you would be the filter expression. The format for the filter expression that you should use in your case would be:
"fieldName.Contains((GUID))" where GUID is the ID of the item by which you want to filter.
 Let us know if this worked for you.

Svetoslav Petsov
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Posted by Community Admin on 08-Oct-2013 00:00

Were you able to get this to work?  I need to do the same thing and am having trouble getting the right GUID or expression put in.

I went to sf_mb_dynamic_module_field and looked up the record for my related field, but am trying to determine which GUID to use.  I have tried both. ID and Classification ID in my expressions, but neither are working.  I noticed that the Classification ID actually is the parent type Tags.

Things I have tried that result in Object not found errors or similar: (Note: I tried both ID and Classification ID in the below)

 filterExpression : "fieldName.Contains(\"CB0F3A19-A211-48A7-88EC-77495C0F5374\")"
 filterExpression : "<name of related content field>.Contains(\"CB0F3A19-A211-48A7-88EC-77495C0F5374\")"
filterExpression : "Tags.Contains(\"CB0F3A19-A211-48A7-88EC-77495C0F5374\")"
filterExpression : "Tag.Contains(\"CB0F3A19-A211-48A7-88EC-77495C0F5374\")"

Posted by Community Admin on 08-Oct-2013 00:00

Ok so this is getting me closer to the point that there is no error, just I get an empty grid to display:

filterExpression : "<name of related content field>.Contains(\"CB0F3A19-A211-48A7-88EC-77495C0F5374\")"

I notice there are additional things that happen when taxonomies are used that trigger a dialog so I will start trying to mimic that to see if I get anywhere.  

For instance I have a product-categoriesCommand that was generated by Module Builder that shows up under (Sections/Sidebar/Filter/Items) and then a corresponding node "productcategories" under (Sections/Sidebar/Filter)

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