Tabstrip Module

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Tabstrip Module

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Posted by Community Admin on 04-Oct-2013 00:00

I am creating a tabstrip from some html in a module. The user can add new tabstrip items through the new module that I added. The module has categories so that the user can filter the items as well. 

The widget template that is normally used has one list view. 

<telerik:RadListView Id="dynamicContentListView">

This doesn't work for me since I need to generate two lists mandated by the tabstrip I am using. 
   <li>Tab Item 1</li>
   <li>Tab Item 2</li>
   <div>Content Item 1</div>
   <div>Content Item 2</div>

So, I have naturally chosen a custom template that allows me to do it myself. The caveat is that the template requires the controls that were in the widget initially. So, I added them and hide them using Visibility. 

I now need to know how to query the module data so that I can bind my two new listviews. 

The backend module generates some code (I attached an image) that is supposed to teach me how to filter the data. This code doesn't make sense since the module item type is either dynamic or internal so the query expression doesn't work. I also don't see any way to get at the property names or the data through the given api. 

Please give some useful code example of how to actually, first get the data and then filter based on a classification that I have added as a property through the module builder. 

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