Products Module Fluent?

Posted by Community Admin on 05-Aug-2018 06:27

Products Module Fluent?

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Posted by Community Admin on 11-Mar-2011 00:00

Hey Telerik,

I've been playing around with the Products module in SP1 today, which successfully installs and accepts new Product Item data.

What I'm wondering is how to extract the data that is stored in the Products module and toss it to a user control.  I was hoping that since the service extended ContentServiceBase that there might be a Fluent way to get at that data, but that may be a bit hopeful.

I notice the table created in sfex_product_item_category, so I know where the data is living.  But I'm not sure how to get to it.

Probably a pretty obvious question, but can you point me in the right direction?


- William

Posted by Community Admin on 11-Mar-2011 00:00

the Products Module should include a Products Manager which you would use to retrieve items in a custom control. there's a bit more information on it at the bottom of this page:

it should be in the same namespace as the module itself. hope this was helpful!

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