SDK by external site

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SDK by external site

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Posted by Community Admin on 03-Nov-2011 00:00

How can I interact with Sitefinity by an external program?
I have to create/update/delete "news" from an external ASP.Net site (and then "events").
Wich is the right manner?

I try to use this:
but after I add ALL Telerik/Microsoft .dll as reference the problem is to instantiate NewManager.
Create a "Sitefinity" voice's in ConnectionStrings collection of my .config with the SqlServer database used by Sitefinity don't resolve (error on load System.Data.SwlClient provider or similar error).

I can't install the SDK on the server where is my site but I have a full access on develop the web site. Can I use the SDK in this situation?


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I'm not a support person, just a regular user like you, so you may want to wait for an official response.

If you ever need to import data into Sitefinity that is comming from an external RSS feed, this can be done very easily through the back office. Go to Administration/Feeds & Notifications.

Things to note when creating the import:
Selecting the Source
1. Under content to Include, delete the blog posts by clicking the X.
2. Click Add another Content Type button.
3. Under content to include you can then choose an RSS feed.

Selecting the Destination
1. UNder Publish As, delete the RSS feed.
2. Click Add More button
3. Under continet to include you can then choose Sitefnity Content

I just started using it to import data from an external news feed into Sitefinity's News Module. It also gives the ability to schedule hourly,daily or weekly imports. So far I have had a very good experience using this feature. 

If you need to export data from Sitefinity to an external program than I think you may want to look into using WCF.

I'm not sure if you really need the SDK on the server, I have never had the need. The primary benefits of the SDK seem to be that it comes with the RadControls and a lot of code samples. I can't think of any reason why you would need to install it on any computer other than the one you are doing development on.

Remember I am not a support person so take everything I say with a grain of salt.

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Sorry, but I think this is not a solution for me (Feeds import).
My task is to update Sitefinity news with a "Entity" of Microsoft CRM (there are more logics under this task).
So, I have created a plug-in for CRM, but this plug-in cannot incorporate external dll: I can't reference Telerik's Sitefinity DLL. My solution is to calling a Web service or a simple .aspx page using the plug-in. The page can be called by an HttpWebRequest object.
I have created a simple page and saved it under Sitefinity (Administration -> add files). It works (without codebehind) but only if  I am logged into Sitefinity (permission denied; I don't know under which "impersonation" the code is running).

My way is to create a .aspx page (or Web Service) in a web site that can interact with Sitefinity news, at user request.
I'm looking at WCF-Rest way.......


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In this blog (article) (of November 1 !!!) I found a way to authenticating by a 3th party software for use WCF.
Previously I've tryed without success, and in the guide/help I've not found nothing about this "authenticate" method (probably I've looked for a "login" or "get cookie" method).

In the example solution there are not the Create and Update methosds.
I'm not able to use WCF to make this operations.
Any suggestions?


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