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Blog Development Help

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Posted by Community Admin on 10-Nov-2011 00:00


I am look urgent help in Blog Development. I have create BlogSummary custom field. Now that field I want to display in my blog detail page via custom control.

I have linked blog with page as a blog detail. Please anyone can help how can develop that custom control which can show BlogSummary in detail page.


Posted by Community Admin on 11-Nov-2011 00:00

Hi Qainan,

There is already a 'summary' field available inside a blogpost? Or are you talking about a custom field for a Blog instead of a Post?


Posted by Community Admin on 13-Nov-2011 00:00

Dear Daniel,

Thankyou very much for your tips,  Yes I am using that Summary field now. Now I am looking for one custom field which is Header Image for each blog so for that I want to create custom field and custom control so based on each blog, custom control should render only that image.


Posted by Community Admin on 14-Nov-2011 00:00

Hi Qainan,

First: I want to be sure that you are talking about a 'Blog post' or a 'Blog'?

Second: if you want a header image above each blogpost, you can use e.g. an image selector. With help of support, I've created an Image Selector and a Page Selector.

Click here to download this project as reference

To add an image selector to your blogposts, do the following:

1. Add a reference to the new project
2. Add the following code to your global.asax:

protected void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)
            Telerik.Sitefinity.Abstractions.Bootstrapper.Initialized += new EventHandler<Telerik.Sitefinity.Data.ExecutedEventArgs>(Bootstrapper_Initialized);
protected void Bootstrapper_Initialized(object sender, Telerik.Sitefinity.Data.ExecutedEventArgs args)
private void InstallCustomVirtualPaths()
            ConfigManager manager = ConfigManager.GetManager();
            var virtualPathConfig = manager.GetSection<VirtualPathSettingsConfig>();
            ConfigManager.Executed += new EventHandler<Telerik.Sitefinity.Data.ExecutedEventArgs>(ConfigManager_Executed);
            var thumbnailSelectorVirtualPathConfig = new VirtualPathElement(virtualPathConfig.VirtualPaths)
                VirtualPath = "~/ThumbnailSelector/*",
                ResolverName = "EmbeddedResourceResolver",
                ResourceLocation = "Damar.Widgets.Selectors"
            if (!virtualPathConfig.VirtualPaths.ContainsKey("~/ThumbnailSelector/*"))
private void ConfigManager_Executed(object sender, Telerik.Sitefinity.Data.ExecutedEventArgs args)
            if (args.CommandName == "SaveSection")
                var section = args.CommandArguments as VirtualPathSettingsConfig;
                if (section != null)
                    // Reset the Virtual path manager, whenever the section of the VirtualPathSettingsConfig is saved.
                    // This is needed so that the prefixes for templates in our module assembly are taken into account.

3. Edit the 'App_Data\Sitefinity\Configuration\VirtualPathSettingsConfig.config:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<virtualPathSettingsConfig xmlns:config="urn:telerik:sitefinity:configuration" xmlns:type="urn:telerik:sitefinity:configuration:type" config:version="4.3.1873.0">
        <add resourceLocation="Damar.Widgets.Selectors" resolverName="EmbeddedResourceResolver" virtualPath="~/ThumbnailSelector/*" />
        <add resourceLocation="Damar.Widgets.Selectors" resolverName="EmbeddedResourceResolver" virtualPath="~/Ctrls/*" />

4. Rebuild and restart your application
5. Add a new custom field to your blog.

Type: ShortText
Name: HeaderImage
Interface: Custom
Custom type: Damar.Widgets.Selectors.SimpleImageField

Now you can select an image to your blogpost. (see screenshot)


Posted by Community Admin on 16-Nov-2011 00:00

Hi Daniel,

Thank you very much dude. I am looking for one more help in comment section. I want  that I want to customize,

comments text and comments component.


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