Installing custom module

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Installing custom module

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Posted by Community Admin on 18-Feb-2012 00:00


I am finding difficult to install my newly created custom module to my sitefinity backend. I have went through the demo of documentation part of Create a Testimonials intra-site module and when I check in admin panel I didn't find the module link their but when I check  SystemConfig.config I found the reference their. So can some one tell me the simplest way to install the module.

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Ravi Maurya

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 In System.config

<add title="ProductsModule" type="ProductCatalogSample.ProductsModule"  startupType="OnApplicationStart" name="ProductsModule" />
Make sure you have the type right type="ProductCatalogSample.ProductsModule"  (Namespace.class of the module). The module will be installed sucessfully if a version attribute is added.
<add title="ProductsModule" type="ProductCatalogSample.ProductsModule"  startupType="OnApplicationStart" version="" name="ProductsModule" />

All the best,
Stanislav Velikov
the Telerik team
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