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Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 20:52

RadGrid - Code behind Data Source - EditFormSettings Template - Binding a field

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Posted by Community Admin on 29-Feb-2012 00:00

So I am trying to use the edit popup for the RadGrid and creating a custom template. The problem I am running into is the field I want to display is not working and throwing this error:
Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: expression 

I tried to bind the data a couple of different ways and am not getting it. Here is my RadGrid, please let me know what I am doing wrong. The grid shows the data correctly, it is just when I click on the "View" link it breaks. Keep in mind, without the Label field in the template, the popup does work and shows the Patient Number in the header.

<telerik:RadGrid id="rgEmployees" runat="server" allowpaging="True" AllowSorting="true" PageSize="10"
        AutoGenerateColumns="False" AllowFilteringByColumn="false" Skin="Outlook">
    <MasterTableView EditMode="PopUP" PageSize="10" DataKeyNames="Emp#">
            <telerik:GridBoundColumn UniqueName="Emp#" DataField="Emp#" Visible="false"></telerik:GridBoundColumn>
            <telerik:GridEditCommandColumn UniqueName="ViewColumn" EditText="View" ></telerik:GridEditCommandColumn>
            <telerik:GridBoundColumn UniqueName="LastName" HeaderText="Last Name" SortExpression="LastName" DataField="LastName"></telerik:GridBoundColumn>
            <telerik:GridBoundColumn UniqueName="FirstName" HeaderText="First Name" SortExpression="FirstName" DataField="FirstName"></telerik:GridBoundColumn>
            <telerik:GridBoundColumn UniqueName="DeptName" HeaderText="Department Name" SortExpression="DeptName" DataField="DeptName"></telerik:GridBoundColumn>
            <telerik:GridBoundColumn UniqueName="HireDate" HeaderText="Last Hire Date" SortExpression="HireDate" DataField="HireDate"></telerik:GridBoundColumn>
        <EditFormSettings CaptionFormatString="View Patient Number: 0" CaptionDataField="Emp#" EditFormType="Template" PopUpSettings-Modal="true">
                <table id="tbView" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" width="250" border="0">
                        <td>First Name:</td>
                            <asp:Label ID="lblFName" Text='<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "FirstName") %>' runat="server" />
        <Selecting AllowRowSelect="true />

Thank you in advance.

Posted by Community Admin on 05-Mar-2012 00:00

Hello Kameron,

 The javascript error is a result of the server error exception. I suggest that you review this help article for more information on error handling with RadAjax. Please check if you do not have duplicate IDs in the dynamically loaded controls. If any issues persist, can you please send us the complete sample of your custom control so we can examine it further.

All the best,
Boyan Barnev
the Telerik team

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