Changing A ControlDesigner?

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 19:25

Changing A ControlDesigner?

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Posted by Community Admin on 10-Apr-2012 00:00

I have a HelloWorld widget working, exactly as is demoed here: 

When I add a new property to HelloWorld.ascx.cs, add it to the form in HelloWorldDesigner.ascx and update it in the HelloWorldDesigner.js file, it doesn't save the contents of that new field.

Does the call to this._propertyEditor.get_control(); somehow get binded and require a manual update somewhere that I'm missing? It's as if the controlData object isn't aware of the new property that's been added.

Any help is appreciated.

Posted by Community Admin on 21-Apr-2012 00:00

Hi Cory - 

Can you post your code?


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