ExpirationDate is NULL for Custom Content Module.

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 20:03

ExpirationDate is NULL for Custom Content Module.

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Posted by Community Admin on 20-Jun-2012 00:00

I created a custom module using the module builder. I am trying to search for all of the published items for its type. The problem is that the ExpirationDate is always null. Here is the code I use to retrieve the items:

var query = " Visible = true AND Status = Live AND PublicationDate <= DateTime.UtcNow AND (!ExpirationDate.HasValue OR ExpirationDate > DateTime.UtcNow) ";
var items = App.WorkWith().AnyContentItem(type).Manager.GetItems(type, query, string.Empty, 0, 0);

I generated the type with TypeResolutionService.ResolveType(...); Items come back but their ExpirationDate is null. Items that have an expiration date before the current date also come back and I don't want them too.

Posted by Community Admin on 21-Jun-2012 00:00

Hello Erik,

As mentioned in the other forum thread on a similar topic, the ExpirationDate property will be set to a certain value when the item is scheduled for Unpublish. However you can handle this in the filter as well. Please find below the default implementation for the Published() fluent filter:

return (item) =>    item.Visible == true &&
                                    item.Status == ContentLifecycleStatus.Live &&
                                    item.PublicationDate <= DateTime.UtcNow &&
                                    (item.ExpirationDate == null || item.ExpirationDate > DateTime.UtcNow);

Boyan Barnev
the Telerik team
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