Seperating forms for each profile type

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Seperating forms for each profile type

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Following this link for site documentation for  managing user profiles ( as I would like to create users under diffferent profiles.

The help file then refers to If you want to have a separate form for a profile type. You must add a new membership provider and, when creating the profile type, assign it to this provider.

Does anyone have an example of this process as I cant find anything on the help files and any videos I find refer to earlier versions of Sitefinity which I have tried to follow but the steps would be obviously different?

In the past I have edited SQL Membership Providers however I would like to continue to use the Sitefinity Membership Provider but just to show certain profile fields, not all  - which always seems to be happening.

To elaborate on my final aim, I would like to have a number of profiles for each of the individual users that would be using the system and so that the fields they can view/edit in their profile are different. I have watched a couple of Sitefinity tutorials and they does mention you can set the option of UseAllMembershipProvidersCaption = True in the ProfileTypeSettings however this does not allow me to have seperate profile views for each profile I create.

I am assuming at the user stage when I pick Add User I would then enter their name and select the type of profile(s) I want them to use thus when they edit their profile only the relevant fields would show. At present I cant find anywhere to pick their profile.


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