How to debug a sitefinity project

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 07:29

How to debug a sitefinity project

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Posted by Community Admin on 03-Dec-2012 00:00
My sitefinity project that runs on 5.2 is deployed on IIS 7.0.
I am running into an error.
How do i debug this as I cannot run this through visual studio either.
Please help so that i can set breakpoints like i do in my normal code and check the debug variables. Is this possible for a istefinity project that runs on IIUS 7.0?
Please help.
Posted by Community Admin on 03-Dec-2012 00:00
Hello Amit!

Is project your running on your development machine or on a test or production server?  If it on your machine, you can run it through ASP.NET cassini by hitting play.  Or you can attach to your .NET worker process (w3wp.exe) by click on DEBUG -> Attach to Process.

If your trying to debug on a remote server though, its a bit trickier.  You can try to attach to process on your remote server but remote debugging must also be allowed on the remote server.  If that is not allowed, I've had my sitefinity data exported from my remote server's database to my development machine and the project from the remote server copied to my machine and I have run as indicated above.  This isn't the best because it my not fix IIS configuration issues if your systems are different.

The last way is not one I would recommend to use in all but most dire situations. I would only do this if the solution was not working on the remote server at all and no backup was available.  But you could but in the line "throw new Exception(variable name)" on the variables you would like to check.  But this will cause your site to throw 500 errors which are definitely not user friendly.
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