Custom workflow - Add Author to News

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Custom workflow - Add Author to News

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Posted by Community Admin on 19-Mar-2013 00:00

I have been following the documentation at : and also watched the youtube video and everything seemed to be working until I moved it to my live site. I'm not sure if I haven't copied some dlls over that are modified or the example doesnt work in SF5.3

When I copy my workflow folder over to my live site I get an error when I click on the publish button which makes me think that it's running through the workflow but then hits a problem when trying to assign the authors name to the news article. The error is pretty non helpful, just a popup that says:
Object reference not set to an instance of an object
I tried changing the path within the virtual path settings and also within the workflow settings but nothing helps.

I've now rolled back so that people can post news articles but it would be helpful if anyone can shed some ideas on this.


Posted by Community Admin on 22-Mar-2013 00:00


If the custom workflow is working when used locally then at the server something is missing in the configuration for the custom workflow.
I suppose the development project and the live site both use Sitefintiy license for the same edition, professional and enterprise edition is needed to use custom workflows in sitefinity  and the custom workflow is build as class library project composed of a class for the modified workflow activity that sets author to news items and the workflow.xamlx.

Double check if the custom workflow coming from the class library is part of the bin folder for the project deployed live and is the workflow registered.

Register the workflow virtual path as described in the documentation and restart the application after the registration of the virtual path so it will become active.
Possibley the restart is still needed to start using the new virtual path.

When placing the dll library for the custom  workflow in the bin folder build sitefinty project if sitefintiy is deployed as web application. If it is used as website no recompilation is needed when adding new components to the website.

To avoid building sitefintiy when used as web application build the project locally and move custom workflow dll and sitefintiywebapp.dll to the live site.

Kind regards,
Stanislav Velikov
the Telerik team

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