6.1 kendo treeview functionality (wihtout + - to colllaps ex

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6.1 kendo treeview functionality (wihtout + - to colllaps expand)

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Posted by Community Admin on 21-Aug-2013 00:00

After trying kendo panelbar support told me to switch back to treeview.

But I am strugeling with the widget template.

a) of course I don't want all nodes expandes so I commented this line out

// kendoTreeView.expand(kendoTreeView.element.find(".k-item"));

b) of course once a page is selected I want the node for this pages expanded. This code thanks to Telerik does the trick.

var selectedNodesToExpand = kendoTreeView.element.find("li:has(li a.sfSel)");

This link shows it: http://ceramdis.ch.mserver4.arvixevps.com/einsatzgebiete/sintertechnik

c) The client does not want an open (+) close (-) image to expand/collaps the trees. So this is what I need.

Look at his page: http://ceramdis.ch.mserver4.arvixevps.com/einsatzgebiete

This is a group page and it will redirect to the first 'real' page 'Ubersicht' and therefore expand the sibling nodes since the script from b) comes into actions


Look at this page: http://ceramdis.ch.mserver4.arvixevps.com/ihre-anforderungen

This is a real page. So when the user clicks 'Ihre Anforderungen' from the 1st Level in the navigation, the page is loaded and b) kicks in.

but -> I now want of course  the child nodes expanded as well.


The first level pages are an overview for what is to come under that menu item.

The way that works:

Einsatzgebiete is an group page
Ubersicht is a real page and shown in Navigation

The way that does not work:
Ihre Anforderung is real page
No child nodes will be shown when page is loaded

Einsatzgebiet is a group page
Uebersicht is real page but not shown in navigation.

Long problem short.

I guess I need a jquery way to find the selected node and if it has child items expand them.


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 For the betterment of the community I am going to post the solution we found in your support ticket here.

<script type="text/javascript">
        varkendoTreeView = $('.sfNavTreeview').not('div.k-treeview .sfNavTreeview').kendoTreeView(
            animation: false
      // to expand all nodes uncomment next line
      // kendoTreeView.expand(kendoTreeView.element.find(".k-item"));
      // to expand selected node uncomment next line    

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Posted by Community Admin on 23-Aug-2013 00:00

Dear Patrick

Thank's. I did post it in my panelbar first time user thread but forgot about this.

If you now add it to the template for 6.2 then nobody has to look here :-)

Once again thanks for the easy, obvious solution.


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