Static Module Creation

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Static Module Creation

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Posted by Community Admin on 26-Sep-2013 00:00

Long story short is I am looking to make a fairly complex set of modules that I think needs to be done outside of the built in module builder.  I am evaluating doing this with the custom module template from Thunder, but have some initial questions.

The biggest right now is that when selecting fields for the module the data types are restricted to (short,long,yes/no,date/time and maybe one more).  I am wondering what the process is to add in selectors for data types that are not simply text based i.e. media selectors, page selectors and etc.

I am looking at the structure that gets built and see that the backend views are under <class library>/Web/UI/<moduleItemName> .  These views have class files that inherit from simpleview, but I notice they do not use the normal method of calling out a container to grab control reference and then script descriptors and etc.  I am assuming this is because Kendo UI works differently and does not need all this? Furthermore, I see there is also a scripts folder with what appears to be similar designer.js files, but using Kendo instead of the control designer javascript that gets generated when making a widget with designer via Thunder.

So what do I need to do when I need to add a selector for Sitefinity data like say the media selector?  Normally I would go onto the ascx and add a FlatSelector and change it out to use the new FolderService and I assume I can still do this?  Do I then still go into the simpleview class and create a control reference/setup script descriptors.?  Should I be using field controls instead?

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