How to create a form wizard using Sitefinity forms?

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 16:33

How to create a form wizard using Sitefinity forms?

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Posted by Community Admin on 08-Jan-2014 00:00

Here's our scenario:

The user visits the form page. The first screen of the form asks for what they would like to be contacted about.  There is a button which asks them if they want to add another item to be contacted about.  If they click the button, it will save their values, clear the screen and allow them to enter another item.  When they are done entering all the items and click Next, it will show the 2nd screen which will ask them for their contact information (Name, email, etc.). 

How can we create this using Sitefinity forms or does this have to be a completely custom user control and placed on a page? I don't mind building the custom user control, but it would be nice to keep everything consistent to how Sitefinity works. 

If I need to create a custom user control, how would I go about have the responses show up in the Form Responses backend screen and how would I have the custom user control form use the same SMTP settings as the standard Sitefinity forms?

Thank you.

Posted by Community Admin on 09-Jan-2014 00:00

try to do it this way :

1. Create a form will ALL the needed fields there.
2. Create a custom user control which will handle the logic for the needed values
3. When the user click Finish you can populate the values in a form entry for that form. 

check this how to do the first part.

For the other question how to use the sitefinity email settings or the build in mail sender you can use the EmailSender class. It should use the Sitefnity SMTP configuration.

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