Nested control in widget

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Nested control in widget

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Posted by Community Admin on 18-Feb-2014 00:00

I have a user control inside it I want to add one more. Both have a standard control's designer
When editing the widget I see an extra tab for the  nested control, but entered ​​it to the data is not saved
 My code

public partial class CtrlWithNestedWidget : System.Web.UI.UserControl
    public string Heading get; set;
    public string SubHeading get; set;
    public NestedCtrl NestedWidget get return this.NestedCtrl;

Code in NestedCtrl widget

public class NestedCtrl : UserControl
       public string TextToShare_One get; set;
       public string TextToShare_Two get; set;
       public string TextToShare_Three get; set;

What am I doing wrong? I will clarify, I do not want to write a custom design for editing widget

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