Port in load balancer URL

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Port in load balancer URL

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We have a custom page created on sitefinty application which is hosted on a load balancer server. We are calling the page with http://mydomain.com/sitefinity/admin/pages.aspx?mode=new. Sitefinity is name of our virtual directory.

When we call it, due to authentication it turning into  http://policiessf.webfarm-qa.ms.com/sitefinity/status?ReturnUrl=http://policiessf.webfarm-qa.ms.com:12600/sitefinity/admin/pages.aspx?mode=new. Port is getting added in the return url querystring, so it's failing to open. How can I fix this.

To overcome I want to try below options:

i) I don't want to do any authentication for page ~/admin/pages.aspx

So that sitefinity will not go for any authorization. How can I achieve that. It should open to all users without any authentication.

ii) In ReturnUrl virtual path should populate not complete path. How to get that.

Please help me in applying these two options.



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