How to add event handler to widget designer?

Posted by Community Admin on 04-Aug-2018 09:32

How to add event handler to widget designer?

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Posted by Community Admin on 18-May-2016 00:00

Hey guys, i know it's a silly question because i'm new with sitefinity. So let's say i have a JS file like this.



SitefinityWebApp.Web.Widgets.Carrousel.Designer.CarrouselDesigner = function (element)
    /* Initialize fields */
    this._randomCarrousel = null;
    this._manualCarrousel = null;
    this._formationCheckList = null;

    /* Calls the base constructor */
    SitefinityWebApp.Web.Widgets.Carrousel.Designer.CarrouselDesigner.initializeBase(this, [element]);

SitefinityWebApp.Web.Widgets.Carrousel.Designer.CarrouselDesigner.prototype =
    /* --------------------------------- set up and tear down --------------------------------- */
    initialize: function ()
        /* Here you can attach to events or do other initialization */
        SitefinityWebApp.Web.Widgets.Carrousel.Designer.CarrouselDesigner.callBaseMethod(this, 'initialize');
    dispose: function ()
        /* this is the place to unbind/dispose the event handlers created in the initialize method */
        SitefinityWebApp.Web.Widgets.Carrousel.Designer.CarrouselDesigner.callBaseMethod(this, 'dispose');

    /* --------------------------------- public methods ---------------------------------- */

    findElement: function (id)
        var result = jQuery(this.get_element()).find("#" + id).get(0);
        return result;

    /* Called when the designer window gets opened and here is place to "bind" your designer to the control properties */
    refreshUI: function ()
        var controlData = this._propertyEditor.get_control(); /* JavaScript clone of your control - all the control properties will be properties of the controlData too */

        if (controlData.IsManualCarrousel)
            jQuery('#' + this.get_manualCarrousel()).prop('checked', true);
            //  set manual
            jQuery('#' + this.get_randomCarrousel()).prop('checked', true);

        var chkList = document.getElementById(this.get_formationCheckList());
        var checkbox = chkList.getElementsByTagName("input");
        var label = chkList.getElementsByTagName("label");

        var str = controlData.Formations;
        var array = new Array();

        if (str)
            array = str.split(',');

        for (var i = 0; i < array.length; i++)
            if (label[i].innerHTML == array[i])
                jQuery(checkbox[i]).prop('checked', true);
                jQuery(checkbox[i]).prop('checked', false);

    /* Called when the "Save" button is clicked. Here you can transfer the settings from the designer to the control */
    applyChanges: function ()
        var controlData = this._propertyEditor.get_control();

        /* radio button */
        var rad = this.get_randomCarrousel();

        if ($('#' + rad).prop('checked'))
            controlData.IsManualCarrousel = false;
            controlData.IsManualCarrousel = true;
            /* check box list */
            // get selected items
            var array = "";
            if (controlData.IsManualCarrousel == true)
                var chkList = document.getElementById(this.get_formationCheckList());
                var checkbox = chkList.getElementsByTagName("input");
                var label = chkList.getElementsByTagName("label");

                var checkCounter = 0;
                for (var i = 0; i < checkbox.length; i++)
                    if (checkbox[i].checked)
                        if (i == (checkbox.length - 1))
                            array += label[i].innerHTML;
                            array += label[i].innerHTML + ",";

            if (checkCounter < 8)
                alert("Un minimum de 8 formations doit être sélectionné dans la liste");

            controlData.Formations = array;

    /* --------------------------------- event handlers ---------------------------------- */

    /* --------------------------------- private methods --------------------------------- */

    /* --------------------------------- properties -------------------------------------- */

    get_randomCarrousel: function () return this._randomCarrousel; ,
    set_randomCarrousel: function (value) this._randomCarrousel = value; ,

    get_manualCarrousel: function () return this._manualCarrousel; ,
    set_manualCarrousel: function (value) this._manualCarrousel = value; ,

    get_formationCheckList: function () return this._formationCheckList; ,
    set_formationCheckList: function (value) this._formationCheckList = value;

SitefinityWebApp.Web.Widgets.Carrousel.Designer.CarrouselDesigner.registerClass('SitefinityWebApp.Web.Widgets.Carrousel.Designer.CarrouselDesigner', Telerik.Sitefinity.Web.UI.ControlDesign.ControlDesignerBase);



Could you guys give me a sample pattern to add event handlers to my JS file? For example, i want to have a click event handler on my _randomCarrousel control.



Posted by Community Admin on 23-May-2016 00:00

Hello Nghi,

You can use Sitefinity Thunder to generate a designer for a widget and inspect the implementation. To do so:
- Add webuser control to your project
- Add Guid property and build the solution
- Add new Item - Desiner for existing widget:
- Create selectors for that Guid property (e.g. Image selector)

You can check the generated  .js file implementation

Svetoslav Manchev

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Posted by Community Admin on 27-May-2016 00:00

Hey Nghi, looking at that old WebForms code makes me feel ill these days.


Do yourself a giant favour and develop only in Feather/MVC:


Your designer will run Angular code and be just a joy to work with instead of a nightmare.


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