URL rewriting is not working in sitefinity using http module

Posted by vishnurajendran10@gmail.com on 22-Dec-2018 09:26


I have a sitefinity mvc application and when i use URL rewriting it is not working

Purpose : when a url  'products/tds/abc' came httpmodule check it contains 'products/tds', if true then the control should go to 'products/tds' page in sitefinity and the url in browser should be  'products/tds/abc'.

For this purpose i have created a HttpModule and in the begin request event call the RewritePath method for going the control to 'products/tds' page. The control is going to 'products/tds' but the url in browser is 'products/tds'. I need url in browser as  'products/tds/abc'. 

Please Help.

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