Css overrides customer css

Posted by Community Admin on 03-Aug-2018 07:17

Css overrides customer css

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Posted by Community Admin on 21-Nov-2010 00:00

Please Change Default

Can you please change the default style sheet that gets rendered. All stylesheets that are being auto-generated should be prefixed with sf_ or anything. My header, footer and content styles are messed up by default when I add my own custom template.

I had to go into my template and update my css names and prefix them before the template would render properly in the page editor.

Oops Should say CUSTOM in the title.

Posted by Community Admin on 22-Nov-2010 00:00

Hello jaime,

Thank you for using our services.

We will consider updating the built-in style sheets so that they are prefixed. By default when you use one of the built in templates or a custom one where you do not specify a custom theme there will be built in styles loaded. Please try creating a custom theme and registering it so that your pages use your theme. You can follow the instructions from this guide: Creating a theme. If you use a custom theme only one CSS file with built in styles will be loaded and this will be the one which defines column layouts.

Radoslav Georgiev
the Telerik team

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