Sitefinity 4.0 RC 2 was released

Posted by Community Admin on 03-Aug-2018 17:12

Sitefinity 4.0 RC 2 was released

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Posted by Community Admin on 22-Dec-2010 00:00

Hello everyone,

We are glad to announce that our RC2 release is already available for download in your accounts. Below you can find our new features, optimizations, and bug fixes we managed to resolve for you since our RC release.

What’s New

In-line Editing

  • Ability to browse and edit the content of your website if you are logged in the backend.


  • Ability to create search indexes for News, Events, Blog Posts, Content Items, and Static HTML pages
  • Search and Search Results widgets

Custom Fields

  • Ability to create custom fields for all content items
  • Ability to hide/show default custom fields in different views

Twitter Publication pipe

  • Ability to associate multiple applications and users in order to feed messages into twitter

POP3 Publication pipe

  • Ability to configure Sitefinity to pull content from POP3 mailbox, so that you can publish content to Sitefinity by sending e-mails.

Analytics Improvements

  • Integration of geographical maps on report level
  • Metrics on each map dashboard
  • Full-screen map support
  • Support for demo credentials for evaluation purposes - Email: Demo, Password: Demo

Performance improvements

  • JavaScript/CSS minifying
  • CSS/Script combining

Documents were renamed to Documents & Files and modified to include files with any extension

Support for Session State

Scheduling with Workflow

RadControls for ASP.Net AJAX were upgraded to 2010.3.1109.40 (Q3)

RadControls for Silverlight were upgraded to 2010.3.1110.1040 (Q3)

What’s Fixed


  • Small Widget editor fixes
  • JavaScript error "Object expected" if you edit Navigation control in IE7
  • Download Link widget> From Already Uploaded tab sets wrong html tags for date and author
  • Removed unnecessary auto-generated inline style of Video widget wrapper
  • ContentBlock Widget: Clicking on the Advanced button erases the text in the RadEditor 
  • Navigation Widget:  Published page which has a draft version is not displayed in the Navigation
  • Creating a custom template for Events and BlogPosts widgets using the Custom Designer results in incorrect data selection in the widget designer
  • Navigation control - Setting role different than Everyone results in exception
  • Cannot change default css class of Categories widget and Tags widget
  • All widgets for content automatically filter by date when the URL is for a single item
  • If you try to insert data in widget template using Internet Explorer all information will disappear
  • Navigation control option for SiteMapNavigationTabStrip does not persist its state after post back
  • Navigation control in Tree View mode adds an empty item bellow pages with children
  • Cannot add Language Selector control


  • Scheduling dialog shows incorrect publication and expiration dates
  • "More actions" menu doesn't close if you click on the "Cancel" link of the Scheduling dialog
  • Loading progress indicator is not displayed during blog creation
  • Incorrect count of categories and tags in the filter by category/tag in the right pane
  • Publishing a scheduled content item doesn't appear on the public site immediately
Images, Videos and Documents

  • "Insert an image", "Insert a document" and "Insert a video" dialogs allow the selection of files with any extension
  • "Ambiguous match found" error when creating content items
  • Loading process proceeds indefinitely when a video is saved as draft
  • Loading doesn't finish and buttons are not displayed when more than one library exists and the user uploads an item without specifying in which library it should be stored
  • Unnecessary upload button appear in Images, Videos and Documents modules when localization is on
  • Manage albums link redirects to a screen with items from the Default Provider, when there is more than one provider in a module
  • Grid View icon always redirects to a screen with items from the Default Provider, when there is more than one provider in a module
  • Resizing Video through the Advanced settings does not get applied on public pages
  • Resizing is not working properly for videos uploaded before an upgrade 
  • Available extensions are hardcoded


  • Trying to revert to an older content item version shows a message that an item with the same url already exists
  • Return code: 12031 error when trying to Unlock an item


  • 2 level approval workflow: updated changed status messages in Pages
  • Error "Undefined" in workflow with 1 level of approval when the user saves a content item sent for publishing 
  • "For Approval" button is not shown for a page created from another language version of this page
  • Items in "waiting for approval" state cannot be processed after upgrading from RC
  • Comments cannot be deleted when workflow is activated 
  • Items can be deleted by author after they are send for approval or published
  • After item is approved and published the author cannot edit and send for approval
  • In a two level workflow editing a published/scheduled content item cannot be deleted
  • In a two level workflow users without rights for publishing can edit and publish again previously published items.
  • Trying to add a widget in a page edit after closing the page preview causes an error "The request channel timed out while waiting for a reply after ...".
  • Approval workflow cannot be started again after an item is published
  • Cannot delete a content item that is sent for approval error "Return code 12031" appears

Multilingual Support
  • ScriptManager null reference exceptions when creating copies of a page in another language, and any of these widgets are on the page: News, Content or Blog
  • When language different than English is set as default users can create blogs in English only
  • Trying to add a page translation inside page edit causes an error "'this.get_baseList()' is null or not an object"
  • Clicking on "Revision History" link throws an error "baseList.getFormattedBackLabel is not a function"
  • Adding new language versions to tags and categories, while creating a content item prevents the user from saving
  • Working in SV-sv culture causes the Analytics application to crash. Introduced fallback for parsing culture specific data
  • “Value cannot be null” error when trying to navigate to a group page
  • 404 Error when creating a translation copied from another language for a child page
  • 404 Error when previewing templates
  • Publishing a page with a one language version and then adding new version locks the first version by your user.
  • Adding Language Selector control causes and  "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error
  • Page Edit doesn't look good when you are in multilingual mode
  • Adding two synced language versions of a page and then adding another one by selecting stop syncing locks the first version
  • Removing a language and clicking on the pages for template you can see the pages that should have been deleted with the language.
  • Having a page with draft status appears with <li/> tag in html of that page
  • Opening page causes error after language has been removed
  • Bulk editing doesn’t with properly with multiple languages, only the English version is edited.
  • Saving changes of a language version of a page doesn't return you to the language version you are editing, instead you are navigated to the default language.
  • Editing language version of page with user that has no rights to edit pages - "This type of page is not served" error appears


  • Adding a toolbox section causes page editor to hang
  • Deleting default configuration produces no result


  • When creating a child page, the parent page doesn’t display properly
  • Unpublishing a page doesn’t hide it from the navigation
  • Scheduling doesn't work as expected
  • Buttons in Pages doesn't have a proper layout and size on the page

Design Templates

  • Error when opening  a template which contains News and Events widget


  •  Publishing event which contains a number in the name causes a URL causes an error
  • There are two "Search…" buttons


  • Error when logging off another user using LDAP


  • Users with no access to the Backend Role cannot be authenticated on public pages
  • Permissions on Media and Documents files are not reflected on public pages 
  • Logging with user that has Editors or Authors role and go to page that uses master template you get  "You are not authorized to 'View 0' ('PageTemplates')." exception


  • Filtering by Published and Draft states causes an error
  • Creating a Form with name that already exists causes an error
  • There is no possibility to create a single checkbox

Feeds & Notifications

  • Items are not ordered by publication date in the RSS feed


  • RadEditor inserts wrong HTML for tables
  • In WebResource images changed the value of "Content-Type" from img/gif to image/gif 
  • Do not link Layout controls CSS file to pages that do not use layout controls

Known Issues

  • Custom Fields: Hiding a default field for specific views results in a “Sequence contains no elements” error, e.g. hiding Summary in News from view NewsBackendEdit.
  • Cannot create search indexes for Static Pages that are using custom master pages
  • Layout elements created with the layout designer will not save the content until:
    • The page is published
    • Save as draft, click on back to pages, and navigate to your page from the Pages screen.

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